Driving Conversions and Reducing ROAS

Driving Conversions and Reducing ROAS: A Case Study on M N Crafts Australia’s Handicrafts PPC Campaign

M N Crafts Australia, a prominent premium handicraft seller, specializes in exquisite handmade products. Seeking to increase brand visibility and drive sales, the company partnered with Ktricks Business Solutions, a renowned PPC company in India. This case study highlights the success of their joint effort in reducing the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while simultaneously boosting conversions within a month-long PPC campaign.

Campaign Goals:

M N Crafts Australia set clear objectives for their PPC campaign, which included improving conversion rates and optimizing their ROAS. By leveraging Ktricks’ expertise, the company aimed to achieve maximum ROI and establish a stronger online presence.

Campaign Strategy:

  1. Ad Optimization: Ktricks Business Solutions collaborated closely with M N Crafts Australia to analyze their unique product offerings and craft compelling ad copies. Emphasizing the quality, craftsmanship, and uniqueness of the handmade products helped differentiate them from competitors. Through compelling messaging and appealing visuals, the team aimed to capture the attention of the target audience.
  2. Audience Targeting: In close collaboration with M N Crafts Australia, Ktricks conducted thorough audience research to identify potential customers interested in handicrafts and unique home decor. By leveraging demographic data, online behavior patterns, and interest targeting, they refined their audience targeting strategy. This ensured that the ads reached the most relevant and engaged potential customers.
  3. Platform Selection: To maximize reach, we strategically placed ads across various platforms, including search engines, social media, and relevant third-party websites. By selecting platforms where the target audience was likely to spend time, they increased the visibility and exposure of M N Crafts Australia’s products.
  4. Bid Management and Budget Optimization: Ktricks Business Solutions closely monitored the campaign’s performance, adjusting bids and budgets to ensure optimal results. This involved continuous evaluation of keyword performance, ad placements, and overall campaign metrics to make data-driven decisions that improved the ROAS.


Adwords Result of Ktricks

Through the collaborative efforts of M N Crafts Australia and Ktricks Business Solutions, the PPC campaign yielded impressive results within a month:

  • Conversion rate: The campaign generated a total of 378 conversions, indicating a significant increase in customer engagement and interest in M N Crafts Australia’s products.
  • ROAS Improvement: The ROAS was successfully reduced, indicating better cost-efficiency and increased profitability for M N Crafts Australia.

By implementing a comprehensive PPC strategy focused on ad optimization, audience targeting, platform selection, and efficient bid management, M N Crafts Australia, in partnership with Ktricks Business Solutions, achieved remarkable results. The campaign’s success in boosting conversions and reducing the ROAS demonstrates the effectiveness of a well-executed PPC campaign in driving growth and profitability for premium handicraft sellers like M N Crafts Australia.

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